Art Release Festival Event #4

Art Release Festival Event #4

The 5th of March an event at Tape takes place starting at 4pm where different kind of performances and expositions are combined. At Tape you can enjoy nice drinks & food. Additionally a DJ creates a vibrant atmosphere. You will meet the artists:

Elmar Noteboom / Graphic Design
Sil de Reuver / Product Design
La Tash / Visual Arts
Jan Gipman & Martijn van Koolwijk / NAK LIVE Theatre
Elodie Emilisa & Eline Michèle / Dance & Installation
Gábor Hartyáni / Music
by BY / Dance & Film
Charlotte Veelenturf / Writer

Barry.DS / DJ
Rik Payne / DJ

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Photography by Yvy Bakker

Hommelstraat 66
6828 AL Arnhem