Art Release Festival Event #3

Art Release Festival Event #3

Saturday the 27th of February the Atelier Route takes place throughout Coehoorn Centraal where we will also meet the new exposition gallery Art House Arnhem. This route will give you an inside view of the different artists who are working here. The starting and ending point of the route is at Stella By Starlight. The atelier route is open between 1pm to 3pm and from 3pm to 5pm a variety of artists show or perform their work in Stella By Starlight. You will meet:

Coehoorn Centraal:
Roos Meerman / Product Design
Harm Giesen / Product Design
Marlies Dinnissen / Jewellery & Interior Design
Loukie von Freyburg & students / Visual Arts
Jan Duinkerken / Visual Arts
Studio Hands / Graphic Design
Adriana Jens & Stadscompagnie arnhem / Music
Anneke Rost / Design & Styling
Helmie Willems / Theatre & Communication
Hester Macrander / Theatre & Communication

Sil de Reuver / Product Design
La Tash / Visual Arts
Andreas Janssen / Sculptures

Stella By Starlight:
Yvy Bakker / Graphic Design
Ziv Gil Kazenstein / Illustration
Eva Roos / Graphic Design
Team Curry / Graphic Design
by BY / Dance Film
Aïda Guirro Salinas / Dance & Music
Floor Nobbe & Line Francken / Dance

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Photography Klaske de Boer

Stella by Starlight
Coehoornstraat 33
6811 LA Arnhem

Art House Arnhem
Coehoornstraat 37
6811 LA Arnhem

Coehoorn Centraal
Coehoornstraat 60
6811 LA Arnhem